Interested in Community Trainings?

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   Are you looking for someone to talk to your group or organization?   Our experienced therapists can come to your location and present on topics including speech and language development, how to support communication in your school/program or simple strategies to try at home.   Our presentations are fun and interactive! Your group will come away informed and inspired.   Contact our owner, Janelle Pickens, at 614-949-1394 or info@cornerstonespeechtherapy.com to learn more.   Let’s Talk!...

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Does Your Toddler Need Speech Therapy?

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We are speech therapy… SIMPLIFIED We come to you! No more waiting rooms or traffic hassles. We can even meet you in the community or go to child care. Be included. We will listen to you and empower you to help your child. Visits that focus on your real-life activities. We want to help you with what really matters. Flexible scheduling to fit your budget and lifestyle. No strings attached! Our services are efficient and easy to access. We honor recent outside speech and language evaluations. Reasonable private pay rates. We’re keeping it simple… Experience makes the difference. Our speech-language pathologists specialize in early childhood and family-centered services. Got older kids? We can help them too! Call us today at 614-973-9755 for availability and...

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Fall Fun With Cornerstone Speech Therapy

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Autumn is finally here, and we hope you all have been enjoying this beautiful weather! Things have been busy around here at Cornerstone Speech Therapy, and we wanted to share some of our favorite “fall” things with you all. Pumpkin Patches: A pumpkin patch is a fun fall tradition in it’s own right, but did you know it is an excellent place to work on speech and language skills? A visit to a pumpkin patch is a great time to work on introducing new vocabulary words, building receptive skills (discussing big vs. little pumpkins, finding different colored pumpkins, following directions), strengthening social language (talking to other children, following social rules such as waiting in line) and articulation abilities (find as many things at the...

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29 Dollar-Store Activities for Kids

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Check out this link we found that lists a whole bunch of kid-friendly activities using items found at the dollar store. Because sometimes we all need some help keeping the kids entertained in the summer 🙂

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Part-time OT position

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Part-Time Occupational Therapy Position Cornerstone Speech Therapy is looking for an experienced occupational therapist to join our team and help us develop our family-centered and team-based vision for occupational therapy services.  At Cornerstone, our mission is to use professional and compassionate guidance to empower and equip families for the lifelong success of each child.  A strong candidate for this position will share in this mission and have the desire to include families in the therapy process.  This candidate should have experience working with a variety of children with sensory processing, fine motor and feeding disorders within the early intervention, preschool and school-age populations.  Experience working in the home environment with families is...

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Summer Groups

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We are thinking SUMMER already here at Cornerstone- warmth, sunshine and fun! We have two groups planned- Social Bugs and Insta#Social. Social Bugs– music, speech and language fun for the little kids. This group is organized with our friends at We Joy Sing. Insta#Social– social media use, friendships, the ins and outs for parents and older kids. This group is organized with our friends at Central Ohio Behavioral Consultants. Give us a call at 614-973-9755 or e-mail us at info@cornerstonespeechtherapy.com for more information!

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