Fall Fun With Cornerstone Speech Therapy

Autumn is finally here, and we hope you all have been enjoying this beautiful weather! Things have been busy around here at Cornerstone Speech Therapy, and we wanted to share some of our favorite “fall” things with you all.

  • Pumpkin Patches:
    • A pumpkin patch is a fun fall tradition in it’s own right, but did you know it is an excellent place to work on speech and language skills? A visit to a pumpkin patch is a great time to work on introducing new vocabulary words, building receptive skills (discussing big vs. little pumpkins, finding different colored pumpkins, following directions), strengthening social language (talking to other children, following social rules such as waiting in line) and articulation abilities (find as many things at the pumpkin patch that start with your target sound).
  • Making Jack-O-Lanterns:
    • There are SO many more ways to decorate a pumpkin than carving it with a knife. For toddlers, how about decorating a pumpkin with stickers! Repeatedly modeling “on” and “off” while they put the stickers on and off is a great way to introduce those basic concepts to your child. Do you have Mr.Potato Head pieces floating around your playroom? How about sticking those in a pumpkin to work on identifying and naming body parts!
  • Pumpkin Spice EVERYTHING!:
    • If it has pumpkin in it, we will love it. Get in the kitchen with your child and whip up something with an autumn flair! Pumpkin bread, pumpkin muffins, pumpkin pie, or even a healthy pumpkin smoothie… the options are endless, and cooking with your child is a great way to work on following directions (with a delicious ending!).
  • Exploring Nature:
    • Go on a nature walk with your child to work on following directions (“Can you get me a stick and a leaf?”) and expressive language skills (model simple object names and actions for your child as you walk along). You don’t need fancy or expensive toys to grab your child’s attention and teach them new words. With small children, simple is often better!

We hope you take advantage of this fleeting season and enjoy all that fall has to offer us. It’s easier to strengthen speech and language skills in your everyday routines than you may realize. If you have concerns about your child’s language skills, please contact us today at info@cornerstonespeechtherapy.com or (614) 973-9755. We look forward to speaking with you!

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