Why Family-Centered Services?


Janelle Pickens MS, CCC-SLP
Owner/Speech-Language Pathologist

We believe, and research shows, that the family unit is the most important and influential part of a child’s development. Children learn the most from the people who are closest to them. Your family has cared for your child since the very beginning and, through this time together, you have become a true expert on your child. You know and understand what makes your child happy, sad, uncomfortable, excited, scared, and sometimes even grumpy. You know your child’s strengths and interests and understand their challenges. Because of the respect we have for your family’s knowledge and experience, Cornerstone partners with you to understand these special qualities and to develop strategies that address your priorities for your child.

Family-centered services also empower your family to incorporate intervention strategies into your child’s daily routines. Intervention is not something that only happens once a week during a speech therapy session, but should occur multiple times per day through activities in which your child naturally participates. You are already doing things that can be powerful learning opportunities. These activities can be anything from doing laundry to wrestling with daddy and are unique to your family.

Because of our approach, you will not have a designated time in your day to “work on speech” because it will naturally be embedded in each and every activity you experience with your child.

A visit with Cornerstone may also look different from a traditional therapy session. Because of our emphasis on family involvement, we ask you to participate and learn how to best help your child.  Our visits take place in your home or in our “home-like” office location and we use a coaching approach as we work with you. We ask questions, model strategies and allow you the opportunity to try some things while we are there. We want you to have the confidence and competence to support your child’s development when we are not there.

At Cornerstone Speech Therapy, your family is at the very heart of what we do. While we may be experts on speech and language development, we know that the you are the expert on your child. Cornerstone truly is your “home for family-centered services.”