November Is For Giving Thanks

November Is For Giving Thanks

‘Tis the season for crisp weather, pumpkin pie, bonfires, and being thankful! While we at Cornerstone Speech Therapy are thankful all year long for our bountiful blessings, we would like to take a moment to reflect on how truly fortunate we have been. Our team members recently shared what they are thankful for:

Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) Emily Ferjencik: “Health and family… I know those are pretty generic but it’s the truth” (We agree, Emily!)

Cornerstone Speech Therapy owner and SLP Janelle Pickens: “I’m so thankful that I have two precious daughters and a loving and supportive husband who stand with me and have my back through the challenges of being a business owner. I’m also so thankful for my awesome team who I can trust to love and care for each and every family who enters our practice.”

Office Manager and Intake Coordinator Angi Morris: “I am thankful for friends.”

SLP Stephanie Oswald: “I am thankful for my amazingly supportive husband and my awesomely sweet Zachary and Caroline.”

SLP Katy Linscott: “I am thankful for a job that allows me to do what I love while being flexible so that I can spend time with my husband and daughter, and for my entire family living in the same county as me!”

In addition to our personal testimonies, we of course couldn’t discuss giving thanks without bringing up the amazing families we work with day in and day out. Cornerstone Speech Therapy is truly blessed to work with the best families in central Ohio! Without you all, allowing us to be a part of your family and continuing the hard work between visits, progress would simply not happen. We may be the experts in speech and language development but YOU are the experts on your child, and we couldn’t do it without your expertise and dedication. So thank you for all that you do!

SLP Stephanie Oswald recently shared a success story she experienced with a family:

“A special family of mine showed me a speech box that they have made for their son. It has pictures, songs and objects that they practice saying every night before bed. Since repetition is the key for him, mom even included repetitive books such as Brown Bear that she felt would be beneficial for him. I admire the creativity of the family and their dedication to their son!”


Thank you for sharing, Stephanie- what a wonderful family!

In closing, we hope you are enjoying the start to the holiday season and are able to take a moment to reflect on the good things and happy moments that have occurred in your life over the past year. We know we have a whole lot to be thankful for here at Cornerstone Speech Therapy!

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