Part-time OT position

Part-Time Occupational Therapy Position

Cornerstone Speech Therapy is looking for an experienced occupational therapist to join our team and help us develop our family-centered and team-based vision for occupational therapy services.  At Cornerstone, our mission is to use professional and compassionate guidance to empower and equip families for the lifelong success of each child.  A strong candidate for this position will share in this mission and have the desire to include families in the therapy process.  This candidate should have experience working with a variety of children with sensory processing, fine motor and feeding disorders within the early intervention, preschool and school-age populations.  Experience working in the home environment with families is preferred and the candidate should be open to learning how to coach families and develop strategies that fit within natural environments and daily routines. In addition, a strong interest and experience in using a team-based approach is desired.  The caseload for this position will build slowly beginning with home visits for early intervention within Delaware County.  Compensation will be given per direct contact hour. Please inquire directly regarding pay range and potential hours per week.  Benefits include reimbursement for mileage, therapy materials and a continuing education allowance.  Health care benefits are not available at this time.  Future opportunities for this position include providing services for older children within the home or in our Powell and/or Gahanna office locations.

If interested in discussing this position further, please contact Janelle Pickens at (614) 949-1394 or send you resume to  If you would like to learn more about our practice, please visit our website at

We look forward to learning what you could bring to our team!


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